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Shop Improvement

A Small Height Adjustable Workbench

Making a small height adjustable workbench out of construction lumber.

I made a small workbench for my son to play with. But it should also be a real workbench or potting table in the future. I made it out of construction lumber like 2x4s. It has a functional vise made entirely out of wood, a tool well, a tool wall and height adjustable feed…

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How to Make a Wooden Flower

Instructions for how to make a wooden flower.

You need a decorative element on a present? Follow the instructions in this post to create a great looking wooden flower…

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A Barrel-Style Wine Rack – 2×4 Contest 2015

Making a barrel-style wine rack for Summers Woodworking 2×4 contest 2015.

I decided to join the Summers Woodworking 2×4 Contest 2015. But what to make? I always had a wine rack on my list. Not for myself, but something nice I can give away. Unfortuanately I was a little late and had to rush a bit through this build.


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Butter Biscuit Box – Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build 2015

Making a box for Leibniz butter biscuits.

This project is part of the Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build 2015 were a bunch of other Woodworker from Europe came together to create something presenting or serving a local product or food speciality and show the build in a video on Youtube. I decided to create a box for butter biscuits made by Bahlsen, a local cookie producer since 1889…

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Easter Bunny Bowl

Making a bunny bowl for Easter.

For easter I made a bowl to hold my easter candy…

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