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Making a wooden star puzzle.

Watch this video and see how to make a wooden star puzzle.

I got bored and thought about this puzzle I had laying around: “It’s wood, it’s finished, let’s remake it.”.

So I decided to make one out of a Cumaru decking board off-cut.

Sketchup Puzzle

I used sketchup to kind of reengineer the parts of the puzzle and make a plan. Free plans are available for download.

Star Puzzle Plan

This is very dense wood and was hard to work on with hand tools. Though, my bandsaw had no problem with cutting it. After the sand paper on my disc sander worn out, I had to sand by hand. Hard wood => hard work.

Sanding The Parts

Eventually I got the parts shaped and smoothed with chisels, files and sandpaper.

Parts finished with Danish Oil

I finished everything with Danish Oil.


Before I made the one from Cumaru I made one from pine (The middle one in the picture). Because I have three of them now, I will give one to my mother-in-law. She asked were we bought this decoration ;-). I think she will get the Cumaru one.

And if you want to know how to solve it:

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