Mighty Report #2 – Woodworking Fair in Nuremberg – Holz-Handwerk 2016

Mighty Report #2 – Holz-Handwerk 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The Holz-Handwerk 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany with 500 exhibitors from 19 countries had about 110.000 visitors. On March 17th I was one of them I thought I should share some impressions with you..

Enjoy the video!

More information on https://www.holz-handwerk.de/en.

Check also out the following YouTube guys I met on the fair:
Frank Jaksch – http://www.youtube.com/festool
Arnold Schoger – http://www.youtube.com/FEINESausWUPPERTAL
Heiko Rech – http://www.youtube.com/heikorech
HolzWerken – http://www.youtube.com/HolzWerkenTV

Thanks to the following companies who allowed me to take a video of their booth:


Homag Group AG – http://www.homag-group.com/en-en
MAKA Systems GmbH – http://www.maka.com
SCM Group S.p.A. – http://www.scmgroup.com/en
Hettich FurnTech – http://www.hettich.com/en
Halemeier GmbH & Co. KG – http://www.halemeier.de
Kleiberit Adhesives Klebchemie M.G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG – http://www.kleiberit.com/en
V+S Furniere Vertriebs GmbH – http://www.vs-furniere.de
Rudolf Ostermann GmbH – http://www.ostermann.eu/en_GB
Franz KOLAR GmbH – http://www.kolar.at
G. Kirchner GmbH & Co. KG – http://www.kirchner-beschlaege.de
Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG – http://www.osmo.de/opencms/en
Carl Götz GmbH – http://www.carlgoetz.de/en.html
H. Schubert GmbH – http://www.imi-beton.com
SARL Tool France / JET – http://www.promac.fr/
Melby AS, Vertrieb Deutschland – http://www.melby-treppen.de
Festool GmbH – http://www.festool.com/
Frank Jaksch – http://www.youtube.com/festool
Makita Werkzeug GmbH – http://www.makitatools.com
Mafell AG – http://www.mafell.com
BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG – http://www.besseytools.com
Metabowerke GmbH – http://www.metabo.com/com/en/
Robert Bosch GmbH – http://www.bosch-pt.com
Dewalt Alleinvertrieb Stanley Black & Decker Deutschland GmbH – http://www.dewalt.com/
DICTUM GmbH – http://www.dictum.com/en/
Arnold Schoger – http://www.youtube.com/FEINESausWUPPERTAL
Konold GmbH – http://www.natuerlich-konold.de
E.C.Emmerich GmbH & Co. KG – http://ecemmerich.de/
Vincentz Network GmbH & Co. KG / Holzwerken – http://www.holzwerken.net/
FELDER KG – http://www.felder-group.com

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