Mighty Report #1 – One of the biggest faires for wood – Ligna 2015

Mighty Report #1 – Ligna 2015 – One of the biggest faires for wood.

On May 12th I visited the Ligna 2015 in Hanover, Germany. This faire with 1,567 exhibitors on over 120,000 square meters of display space is one of the world’s biggest faires for wood.

The Ligna 2015 was separated in different themes: forestry, sawmill technology, wood based panel and veneer production, solid wood working, furniture industry, industrial surface treatment technology, energy from wood and woodcraft solutions (joinery trades, carpentry trades, engineering wood, accessories, services). For hobby woodworkers and carpenters the last category was the most interesting one. So I thought I should share some impressions with you.

More information on http://www.ligna.de/en.

Thanks to the following companies who allowed me to take a video of their booth:


Binks – http://www.binks.com
MakserTeam – http://www.makserpress.com.tr/en
Braun Holzbearbeitung – http://www.braun-maschinen.de
C.R.Onsrud – http://www.cronsrud.com
Dictum – http://www.dictum.com
Sjöbergs Workbenches – http://www.sjobergs.se/en
Tormek – http://www.tormek.com
Famag – http://www.famag.com/en
Metabo – http://www.metabo.com
Piher – http://www.piher.com/en
Mafell – http://www.mafell.de/en
Bessey – http://www.besseytools.com or http://www.bessey.de
Felder Group – http://www.felder-group.com
Aspi – http://www.p-aspi.pl/en
Freud – http://www.freudtools.com
Ramia Workbenches – http://en.ramia.cz
Holzmann – http://www.holzmann-maschinen.at
Trommer – http://www.trommer.bayern
FH Holztechnik Hildesheim – http://www.holztechnik-hildesheim.de
Tischler Schreiner – http://www.tischler-schreiner.de
Hapfo – http://www.hapfo.de/en
Barbaric – http://www.barbaric.at/en
Schroeder – http://www.gebr-schroeder.de
SCM Group – http://www.scmgroup.com/en
Stihl – http://www.stihl.com
Mebor – http://www.mebor.eu
Logosol – http://www.logosol.com
Stihl Timbersports Demonstration – http://www.stihl-timbersports.de or http://www.stihltimbersports.us

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