Easter Bunny Bowl

Making a bunny bowl for Easter.

For easter I made a bowl to hold my easter candy.

A free template pattern is available for download.

First I printed out my template pattern glued it on an piece of MDF and cut everything out on my scrollsaw.

When I looked at this nice little template I realised “Something is wrong…”. I grabbed my router bit I wanted to use and checked the diameters of the templates curved. And as suspected I had the wrong scale. The curves were to small for my router bit.

So I had to do everything again. Print it out, glue it to a board of MDF and cut it on the scrollsaw.

Then I looked through my lunber storage and found two pieces of spruce. Unfortuately they were not big enough to cover the whole bowl, so I desided to make it out of two different species. As second type of wood I used two scrap pieces of lamineted beech. I wanted to glue both parts together. Here begun the real trouble…

To glue them I need a tight fit. The only way to create this join I know of is to use complementary router templates. This kind of templates need a lillte bit complex procedure to be created so I planned everything and started the whole thing. First the only 1/4 inch straight bit broke… then I tried to ust a bit called a panel pilot bit. This bit produced more smoke and burnmarks on my master templates then anything else. At least this bit was also a little bit to short and slipped out of the collet. I think it would not have been worked because of the tight curves. But anyway, in the end I decided not to join the two pieced but let them be separable. Unfortunately I lost about 2 evening because of that…

Finally I used the template to draw the contour on both pieces separatly and used forstner bits of different sizes to remove the majority of the wood.

This produced a lot of chips.

The next step was to attach the template to the stock and use the router to remove the rest in several passes and I cut the outline with the bandsaw.

After a lot of tweaking and sanding both pieces were finished with a 1:4 wax mineral oil mixture.



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    James Pugh
    April 5, 2015 - 1:20 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the free downloads, I was looking for some fun projects to make

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    Jane Kariuki
    March 27, 2016 - 5:14 am | Permalink

    Lovely Project
    Thanks so much for the free download.
    Look forward for more projects.


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