Barrel Style Wine Rack PLANS (ENG/GER, metric/imperial)

Barrel_Wine_RackThis small wine rack presents your wine in an elegant kind and is ideal as a decorative piece on your sideboard or dining table.


These plans are for personal use only. Please do not reproduce or distribute these plans without consent of Daniel Pecar.

Although you are no passioned wine drinker, you may have one or two bottles of wine. Why not showing it in an elegant way?
The 16 pages of these documents describe how to build an elegant wine rack, which shape is inspired by a wine barrel. It provides several useful features, which will be covered in the first chapter of the document shortly. The following chapters will be describing the process of the build step by step with 3D pictures and text. A List of materials is included in these documents. For clarification there are technical drawings for each part of the rack, which show different metric and imperial measurements in detail. More reference material for these plans can be found in the video „Barrel-Style Wine Rack“ on YouTube or you can read the article. Additionally a pdf document with several printable templates is provided.


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