A Barrel-Style Wine Rack – 2×4 Contest 2015

Making a barrel-style wine rack for Summers Woodworking 2×4 contest 2015.

I decided to join the Summers Woodworking 2×4 Contest 2015. But what to make? I always had a wine rack on my list. Not for myself, but something nice I can give away. Unfortuanately I was a little late and had to rush a bit through this build.


First I had to make a sketchup model to get all the dimensions, so that all pieces fit on a 2×4. The 2×4 was the first problem. There are no 2x4s here so I had to buy a 5 meter long 50mm thick and 100mm wide board. Is was a real adventure to put this thing through my little bench-top thickness planer.

Due to my small workshop I had to cut the 8 feet 2×4 into more manageable pieces and in order to waste no material I cut it by hand. The Japanese Handsaw runs through spruce like through butter.

Then I had to make some rip cutting. Some pieces had to be more than 70 mm wide which is the capacity of my band saw. So I had to use my Japanese rip cut handsaw. It took some time to make these cuts but fortunately I could use my band saw for the narrower pieces.

In the end it cut 102 pieces plus quite a lot offcuts.

Bildschirmfoto von Barrel-Style_Wine_Rack_-_2x4_Contest_2015.mp4
The base of this rack are two oval frames. A back and a front piece. Each is made of 6 pieces and joint with simple half lap joints.

Both frames were connected with 48 strips after I cut a rabbet into the front and back.
The strips also had rabbets on both ends. The ones for the curved part also got a 5 degree angle on the long sides.
At this point I want to thank my father in law who helped me out and made about 200 cuts on the table saw.

It took a while to glue up all the strips. I did this in several steps.
First I lined up the angles strips on tape and glued them together in a quarter circle.

Second I had to glue two quarters together to get a half circle. To get good even clamping pressure I used tension belts.

To glue up the frames and the half circles was quite a challenge. I had to attach multiple clamps and tension belts in different directions. After that I glued and attached the straight part of the shell.

Now it was time to attach all the features. First of all, the feet.

barrel compartment
This wine rack should have a compartment for a bottle opener or for casters, so I put some hinges onto a cap piece.

The wine bottle holders are positioned in two layers. One is on the top of the compartment, the other is on a shelf.

I made some typical wine glass holders. My design idea was to have the glasses angled by approximate 15 degree but due to space issues I glued them in by eye.

After adding them an two shelves for shot glasses or coasters, the wine rack was finished.


I am still not sure about the finish. Due to time issues I had to assemble the whole thing and now it will be hard to reach some corners. But I had to wait anyway until I know to who I will give it. I maybe then stain it to match with the other furniture and finish it with a wax polish.



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    Peter Frech
    June 16, 2015 - 11:12 am | Permalink

    Hi Daniel, this is awesome. Very good idea with the integrated glasses. Can i have the plans?

    I would like to build it as a gift for a big birthday.

    Best regards


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    Henry Christian
    February 20, 2016 - 11:16 am | Permalink

    I have always wanted to build a wine rack and yours is the best I have ever seen that would fit my small kitchen. Plans would be great.

    Regards, Henry

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