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1000 Subscribers Giveaway!!!


1000 subscribers… Thank you all so much! When I started this January I thought: “Ok, let’s try it, maybe someone will watch it.” and now, a half year later there are 1000 people subscribed to my small channel. A big thank you to all my subscribers. You are awesome!!!
To say thank you I want to give away some tools that may help you in your shop. I got in contact with a few amazing companies who provided some of their products…

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Mighty Report #1 – One of the biggest faires for wood – Ligna 2015

Mighty Report #1 – Ligna 2015 – One of the biggest faires for wood.

On May 12th I visited the Ligna 2015 in Hanover, Germany. This faire with 1,567 exhibitors on over 120,000 square meters of display space is one of the world’s biggest faires for wood…

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A Barrel-Style Wine Rack – 2×4 Contest 2015

Making a barrel-style wine rack for Summers Woodworking 2×4 contest 2015.

I decided to join the Summers Woodworking 2×4 Contest 2015. But what to make? I always had a wine rack on my list. Not for myself, but something nice I can give away. Unfortuanately I was a little late and had to rush a bit through this build.


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A Framed Scroll Saw Portrait – Mother’s Day 2015

Making a framed scroll saw portrait for Mother’s Day.

I made a portrait of our 20 month old son. He gave it to his mother on Mother’s Day. For the portrait itself I used beech plywood and I stained another sheet black as background. For the frame I used laminated beech and stained it dark brown…

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Mighty Talk #1: Sea Gods, Cowboy Doors and Lawn Mowers Dream House

Mighty Talk #1: This is my first Shop Talk Video.

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Butter Biscuit Box – Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build 2015

Making a box for Leibniz butter biscuits.

This project is part of the Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build 2015 were a bunch of other Woodworker from Europe came together to create something presenting or serving a local product or food speciality and show the build in a video on Youtube. I decided to create a box for butter biscuits made by Bahlsen, a local cookie producer since 1889…

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Easter Bunny Bowl

Making a bunny bowl for Easter.

For easter I made a bowl to hold my easter candy…

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A Natural Edge Shop Clock

Making a natural edge shop clock.

Watch this video and see how to make a natural edge shop clock with inside out growth rings…

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Play House Shutter Latches

A play home improvement project.

Watch this video and see how to I made the latches for the play house shutters…

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Star Search

Making a wooden star puzzle.

Watch this video and see how to make a wooden star puzzle…

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