A Decorative Key Holder

Making a decorative key holder from metal and wood.

I got ask by a friend to remake her a key holder in a specific design. I used a photo as reference to create this wall hanging key holder.

I took the opportunity to incorporate metal into wood. I used an iron tube as the bases and an iron rod as the hooks.

In order to hold the tube firmly for handling, I cut a v groove into a piece of wood with a 90° slot to cut the tubes in 6cm pieces.

I bend the rod to 90° and cut the angled piece of.


So I got 6 base pieces and 6 hook pieces. Since I have no welder I had to find an other method to mount the hooks to the bases.

I used a piece of wood with a hole and a slot to hold the hooks in the vise. Then I used a cutter to create threads on one end of the hooks.

The v groove jig helped to hold the tubes on the drill press. I drilled holes into the tubes slightly smaller than the hooks.

Then I took a cutter to tap the threads onto the hooks.

Unfortunately the wall thickness of the tubes was to thin to hold the hooks firmly with the threads only. So I used nuts inside the tubes to keep the hooks in place.

The result was mounted hooks.

I finished them with silver spray paint and spray lacquer afterwards.

Now to the more woodworking part: The frame. I cut a board of spruce into 4 square pieces and gave them 45 degree ends.

In order to mount the key hooks, I used a forstner bit a fraction bigger than the diameter of the tube to create a recesses.

I put some beeswax mineral oil mixture into the recesses to lubricate the hooks, so that they turn easily.

Then I could assemble the whole frame with the hooks in the centre.

On the back side I created some recesses for wall mounting plates with my router.


In the end I covered the hooks and gave all some coats of white spray paint.


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