A Boys Workshop: Children Tools

The Hammer, the wrench and the saw.

For Christmas 2014 I built some tools for my sun: a hammer, a wrench and a saw.

The hammer was made of maple for the shaft and walnut for the head. Both are joined with a mortise and a tenon. To strengthen it I inserted a pine dowel through the head and the shaft. Because the weight may cause more damage to our furniture when our son uses the hammer, I cut a slice of the head and drilled some hole to loose weight. After that I glued the slice back to the head.

The wrench was simply made of plywood. I used the wrench of the table saw as a template for the wrench size.

The saw handle was also made of walnut and the blade was reclaimed beech from an apron of my old dining table. Both parts were also joined with a mortise and a tenon.

Maybe one day I will build some screws, some nuts and a little workbench.


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    Bom trabalho mesmo Parabéns ok

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